snails and an excessive use of hearts by Tina Rodas


 This is a picture of my front porch. Recently we have had some bouts of rain here in Los Angeles and when it rains, all the little snails that live in that plant (the one with the arrow pointing to it) come out to play in the rain. This time I decided I wanted to make them my pets. Why? you may ask. BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME.


 I admit I never paid any attention to these little creatures before, other than trying to avoid stepping on them on the steps leading up to my house. I really kind of thought they were gross (SLIME! ewww).

But upon further inspection I realized that they are one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my whole life. So here are some pictures of my new snail pets. My daughter Hazel LOVES them.


 I would definitely recommend taking in some snails if you have kids, they are SO EASY to care for and very interactive. They get used to being handled very quickly and are actually pretty smart. They eat lettuce, leaves, vegetables and fruit. Mine LOVE the seed pods that fall from the trees on either side of my house, so I always collect some of them to put in their little enclosure.


The two long tentacles on top of their head are their eyes and the two tentacles near the mouth are their feelers . Im sorry but anything with eyes and a nose like that is ridiculously cute.


Snail Kisses!


The snails made babies!


In the fantasy land in my head I imagine having giant snails that I can ride around on. I might be a little crazy, BUT a little crazy never hurt anyone right? :D