hi tree beginings / by Tina Rodas

I love the process of making things over and over and over again. Every time I sit down to make the same thing it just gets better. The creative process never ceases to amaze me. Even when I feel like I cant come up with new ideas, I know I can improve on old ones. I think every creative person should make recreating part of their crafty time. Dont get me wrong, sometimes making the same thing countless times can make me crazy, but I think it has to be done and one day that thing (or tree in my case) will be exactly how you envisioned it.

so I thought I would share some pictures of the first Hi Trees :)

This was the original, first ever made Hi Mr. Oak Tree.

Here is the current Mr. Oak Tree, what an improvement!

And here is the first Mr. Cypress Tree, which is actually the first tree i ever made, he started all this tree madness.

And the new and improved Cypress Tree

So there you have it, this all happened over a period of 3 years. So if you are ever feeling the creators block, have at some of your old stuff, ask people what they think, gather ideas and keep on truckin. Just dont give up!