Thinkin Big / by Tina Rodas

So i went on vacation, which was awesome. until that silly hurricane fay rolled through florida. The darn thing couldn't decide where it wanted to go and ended up broad siding lil ol florida 3 times. thats right 3 times. Pretty crazy if you ask me!

I will say that we did have a good time. i just love the beaches there. the beaches in florida are way more "user friendly" than these rocky freezing cold cliffs you call the beach here in california. Dont get me wrong california beaches are beautiful and all but there is some thing really nice about not having to pay $20 to park and then when you get down there, you better have brought your sweat shirt, or a wetsuit.....

So anyway, enough about that.

a few new things going on......

New Hi Tree keychains! woot! available in my etsy shop as of today....

i personally think they are pretty darn cute.

also, on september 1st im hiking up my prices so i can start selling wholesale with out going broke ;)

im a little freaked out over this and pretty excited at the same time. im hoping it will open some new doors for me. sooo if you know anyone with a cute shop that might like to sling some trees for me, pass the word along! i officially have a wholesale price list. lets hope all goes smoothly and it was a good decision.

cliff notes version: if you have been wanting a tree, get it now! before september 1st, because if you wait it will cost you a $100 rather that $60.

Hey! check this out! while i was back at home in j-ville, i met my NEW BABY BROTHER for the first time. WHATTT??!! yeah your tellin me. im 27 years old and i have a new baby brother, some ones parental unit has lost their mind. ehhem dad.

here he is

My brother and i coined the fabulous name of "baby uncle" since my daughter is a full 3 and one half years older than her little baby uncle.

My life is so interesting.