fairfield + hi tree / by Tina Rodas

Okay today I'm going to talk about Stuffing.   

Over the past few years I've been developing my style and the aesthetic for hi tree and my other stuffed items. I've learned that the quality of the stuffing is crucial to the final result.  I need stuffing that stays full and soft through time and abuse.  Through


of experiment of sundry stuffing, I find that Fairfield Premium Polyester Fiber-fil is my favorite. Somehow it manages to add the perfect full and finished effect I am looking for.  I LOVE IT. 

 Earlier this year, Fairfield Processing Corp, the makers of said amazing stuffing found and contacted me through my use of the tag "polyfil" (yay SEO) on Etsy.   

This is the largest stuffing manufacturer IN THE WORLD requesting hi tree be featured on the FIRST PAGE of their  interactive handmade landscape built for their new website www.fairfieldworld.com AND they ordered 3 custom free standing trees ranging from 3.5 ft. to 4 ft. tall for their Trade show booth display. YAY!

Check it out.  My trees look so happy.  I am so proud.  


The designer info page:


Here are the trees I made for their trade show booth


In other news. I made a discovery a few months back that I know would be useful to my crafty readers. If you shop at Michael's Craft supply Store, there is a sign next to the register that reads: We accept competitor coupons. SO if you are anything like me and have 10+ Joann Fabric's 40%-50% off coupons every month, now you know you can use them there too! Happy day!!!

Have you made any discoveries like this you can share with us? Leave a comment below!

A few new things added to the Etsy shop this week. 

new Autumn maple tree keychains


Conjoined twin decapitated unicorns? I think YES!!


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Thats all for now! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!