How to make fabric sew in labels {without a printer!} / by Tina Rodas


Here I go, all giving away my secrets and stuff. This is a pretty awesome secret, I have to say, when I discovered I could do this it CHANGED MY LIFE and saved me millions of dollars. Ok, fine, not millions, but hundreds at LEAST and could easily be thousands. Okay enough about that, you get the point.

This blog post is about how I make fabric sew in labels for my trees, hats, fanny packs, keychains.... EVERYTHING. The BEST thing about making tags using this method is that you can customize each and every tag/label specific to the item you will be putting it on. Say it with me........ yaaayyyy!


This is what you need:

* bias tape, ribbons, trims, fabric pieces.... etc....

* a stamp {with your name, logo or whatever you want on the label}

*oil based stamp pad / pigment stamp pad (nooooo water-based!)

* scissors

* umm, thats it

OKAY I know you are sitting there with all your materials ready so ill get on with it.

FIRST choose the fabric and/or ribbon you want to print your name or logo onto. It can be ALMOST be anything, ribbon, strips of fabric, bias tape, whathaveyou (although waterproof-ish materials don't work so good). You want the ink to be able to absorb into the fabric a little bit. (twill works GREAT)

My personal favorite is store bought single fold bias tape like this! (I use it for almost everything)


{sidenote: I would recommend NOT cutting the desired length until you have already printed onto the bias tape (or whatever you choose to print on)}

Next, get your stamp.


This is my stamp, it looks REALLY funny, I know. To make my stamp, I used a Clover felting needle case (this is not really the right way to mount the stamps, but im cheap, so it will do) and those fabulous Martha Stewart stamp letters that you pull apart and make your own words with (there probably is a name for them, but I don't pay attention to such things, clearly) you can buy some at Michael's. (In the paper craft section) There are proper blocks for mounting the stamps on that you can also purchase, coincidentally, also at Michael's.  The moral of the story: your stamp does NOT need to look this ghetto and you can find everything you need at Michaels. 


Once you have your stamp all sorted out, bust out that fancy stamp pad and start stamping until your heart is content.


For making multiple labels on one strip of ribbon or fabric, I have found that spacing the stamps about 2.5 inches apart from each other leaves plenty of room to cut and sew around the whole label.

Last but certainly NOT least, cut out your tag and sew it into your stuffed unicorn. (SO sweet of you to make me a stuffed unicorn! Please send to 333 Magicalforest lane, LaLaLand, Ca 90042)

Here are some examples of labels I have printed on random bits of ribbon, bias tape and fabric I have found laying around. The options truly are endless, and it is really nice to not have to rely on someone else to make your labels.


Here are some examples of how i use my home made labels 


tote bags 

Now, go knock yourself out! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below!

P.S. need a custom stamp? or ink? There are many stamp makers on etsy! You would be surprised how affordable they are! Here are a few sellers i found with a simple search:

{and of course there are many many more!}