OMG Cute Overload? / by Tina Rodas


OH Hi! How is it going? 

Don't answer that. You'll only be talking to yourself, because I can't hear you.

Warning: this is an image heavy post, make sure your


etch a sketch is optimized for the awesomeness you are about to experience.  

Look what my sewing machine and I have been up to lately. We are such good friends. We've been making a lot of dolls, including the four foot tall one pictured above. I may be 30 years old, but when I see a cute doll I squeal like a 7 year old. It's like I never grew up; which I didn't, but that is another story. 


I am having so much fun making dolls. I love the process of perfecting the design. I am still in the early stages of flushing out any design issues, but it's coming along beautifully. 


And in other news, EAR HATS ARE BACK! I know, it's SO exciting. You've been waiting all year. 

In case you lack the creative ability to figure out what to do with this AWESOME hat, let me give you a few helpful hints:

1. Hiding in the woods (you will blend right in with the rest of the wildlife)

2. Disguise yourself from your kids! they will think that Ewah came and hijacked their parents!

3. Keep your head warm (duh)

4. When the zombie apocalypse happens the zombies won't recognize you as human! your safe! 

5. Halloween?

6. This ear hat is 100% guaranteed to help you find your spirit animal.


Notebooks! These are reusable composition notebook covers. Aren't they cute? YES, YES

THEY ARE. They even have pockets inside.


And then this happened:


LAST but not LEAST, let us not forget about our feathery friends.


I'll be announcing a Holiday sale next week, so be sure to check back. Let's just say I would like to reward you for making your christmas purchases early so my head doesn't explode in December.

I need a nap.