New web site yay! / by Tina Rodas

This is a momentous occasion. After almost 7 years of being in business I finally have MY OWN website. That I built. Say whaaaat? Yes, It has literally taken me FOREVER to accomplish but I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF. Add "web designer" to my list of skills and duties.  

I'm still getting used to this fancy new blog engine for new blog posts. Luckily I was able to import my old blogger posts here. You will find those below. 

A few exciting things happening. Here's the short list:

Hi Tree is currently featured in the latest issue of Stuffed Magazine. This is a super cute magazine packed with great plush artists. I'm so honored they chose me to be in the issue. 


Also, photographer Jack Strutz came by my home studio for his photo series "A Day Spent". 

"If the LA based home studio of plush maker Tina Rodas was a person, it would be the identical twin Tina never knew she had."

Yes, I agree with you, Jack. Thank you. It looks like a unicorn puked all over my studio. 

To Check out Jack's write up and awesome photos click here

That's all for now. Please click around the site and let me know if you find and bugs or have any suggestions. You can email me at