pom poms

How to become the McGyver of Pom Poms by Tina Rodas

Hey Guys! After months of cleaning up, migrating to squarespace and seemingly endless redesigns, I'm super excited to be relaunching my blog! I thought it would be nice to start off with a lovely little lesson on how to make A LOT of pom poms all at once. I think the technical term is butt load, but whatever gets the point across. 

So here we go!

First you will want to find a chair or a stool. I chose this stool because we have a deep psychic connection. Just kidding, it swivels around in circles which will definitely make the process a lot easier.

Then you will want to grab some yarn. You are going to want to use both ends of the yarn. The more yarn the better. 

Tie the end of the yarn to one of the legs of the chair/stool/thing with legs.

Start wrapping that yarn around and around. Don't pull it too tightly and do not get dizzy.

This is where I like to throw the yarn onto the floor like a diva. The yarn likes the floor. It unravels much faster that way. Just leave it down there. 

Ok, now back to wrapping.

Keep going.

OKAY that's probably enough.

Now, cut two short pieces of yarn, put them together and tie them around the lovely spool of yarn you just made. It's SUPER important that you use two pieces together, so it'll be strong enough to hold.

Tie them incrementally all the way around, about 3 inches apart. If you want to be sure all of the pom poms will be equal in size and density then be sure your knots are equidistant. 

Don't let those pesky corners get the best of you. Show them who's boss.

YAY! We made it all the way around. 

Now get your scissors. 

What would life be like without scissors?

Now you have what appears to be an intestine made of yarn. You could stop here if that's what you're going for.

 You see what's happening here, right?

My scissors were jealous that they were only included in one photo, so I let them pose in another. 

Yeah. No. Just cut in between the knots, all the way around. 

Keep chopping.

Oh look! The last one looks like a piece of candy (don't eat it).

These are my lovely friend Gracie's hands. She just happened to show up for a visit at the perfect time for me to use her fingers. Mine are busy holding a camera. 

Snip snip snip all around the edges to get the perfect ball shape. 


Now that you have 12 tons of pom poms you can bury your dog in them. If they're anything like my dog, it'll be a dream come true.

A few important things to know:

The more yarn you wrap around the legs and the wider apart you tie the knots, the larger your pom poms will be. 

The less yarn you wrap and closer together you tie the knots the smaller they will turn out. 

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments!