Unicorn Murder. by Tina Rodas

I just wanted to give you a little heads up. There has been some drama in hi tree land this week. Hazel here is very upset with me because I killed her favorite unicorn friend. The little bastard was chasing all of the humming birds away in the yard and I just couldn't TAKE IT ANYMORE. Personally I think she needs to put HER MAN PANTS ON but she won't speak to me and I am sure she is hurling insults at me behind my back. I wanted to tell you before she did. 

BUT because I am nice, let's take a moment of silence to remember the 3 unicorns that lost their lives this week. It will help her on her road to recovery. According to google there are 7 stages of grieving. I think she is working through stage 3, anger and bargaining, so we've got a ways to go. 

Enough about that!

 In other news: The giant Hazel doll is up for sale in my shop. We both know you want her. You probably have a child, but you want her for YOURSELF. I know your type too well. 

LAST but certainly not least, If you made it this far in the post then you get a reward. Because, lord only knows I bore you all of you to death with my rambling. So how about a FREE SHIPPING coupon code? This is a golden opportunity to buy ALL of your christmas presents and pay $0 shipping. The magical coupon code is happyhalloween and it is valid until Monday November 7. 


decapitated unicorns! and other loveliness..... by Tina Rodas

i am finally settled in my "new" studio space (@my house) and have been making all kinds of new things lately! bloody unicorns, hand drawn pins,

the summer obsession band merch

, baby nun-chucks and FREE STANDING TREES! there is also a top secret project underway as well. so many exciting things going on in hi tree land.

the bloody decapitated unicorns have been so popular around town! ive been making so many of them. there are still a few left in

my shop


here is what my shiny new work space looks like. since hi tree has moved back into my house, my house is now lovingly referred to as "the tree house".

some other fun little random things i have made as of late.....

decapitated unicorns and stuff by Tina Rodas

lately i have been sitting in my studio trying to do some new and different things. the holiday season is quickly approaching and i am feeling the need for a refresh. frankly, im kind of tired of looking at the same stuff ALL the time. so here is a little preview of some things ive been working on. some are available in my shop and some are for installations at various places around town this holiday season. (details to come soon)

also, if you live in the los angeles area, i will be doing a big "make you're own christmas presents" 2 day work shop at hi tree studio. so keep an eye out for that info in the next few days if you might be interested.

AND if you would like to join the workshop email list, email me at tina@hitree.com

p.s. i know the whole bloody unicorn heads are VERY different from my usual innocent and cute trees. but believe it or not, these are old pre-hi tree sketches from my sketch book. :)

enjoy the eye candy!