Keychains!!! YAY! / by Tina Rodas

Alrighty. so i decided we were going to do the giveaway drawing old school style. i wrote everyone's user name on a little piece of paper and folded it up real tiny like and put them all in a hat. (i thought i would be more exciting for hazel this way.)

she was definitely excited, she really didn't want to stop at two, but i had to draw the line somewhere.

the two names she pulled out were.......



I have emailed our lovely winners, and i have to say i think its karma that hazel pulled Jessi's name out of the hat. I bought a doll from her a few months back for hazel. Her name is Agnes and she has to be the cutest doll ever. Hazel and I love her so much.

Here is a picture of Agnes. You really need to stop by her blog and Etsy shop. so cute.


simplijessi bloggy blog

I will definitely be doing more giveaways, so check back! who knows what it will be next time. Thanks to everyone who participated :)