A Story. / by Tina Rodas

So. (Giveaway going on below, dont miss it :)
Let me just say, i think i have some really good karma or something. Ive talked about how awesome the featured sellerdom was and how things have just kinda been going my way. bla bla bla
Yesterday morning i finally got caught up on my big rush of orders, i have only a few left to go that were placed after the rush.

Upon realizing that i was almost caught up, i started to think, after i get all this done, whats next? what do i do now? my etsy shop isnt getting any action because my pricing is so high now. wah wah wah, mini freakout, you know what i mean.
About an hour or so later i get a phone call from this lovely lady i met back in may at a festival i was vending at. She had come into my booth a few times and said that she worked with designers in LA and she could help me get started, and that she really loved my stuff. I thought that was cool, but ive learned to never ever ever believe people that say they are going to do this and that for me, bla bla bla.

So i didnt hear from her for quite a few months, when she finally called me last month she invited me to participate in a wholesale green market in downtown LA that cost roughly $4000 a booth. Of course i told her i cant afford that, MAYBE next year. psh.
ANYWAY. she called me yesterday and said that they had decided to give me a booth for free, in exchange for an art installation. WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
So let me get this straight, not only are you giving me a booth, but your putting me in the spotlight!? SWEET.

let me give you a little back round on these so called markets. Markets, particularly in downtown LA, go on for and where from 3 days to a week. basically, retailers from all over the country fly in to come to these markets to shop for their inventory.
This particular market is a"green" market. AWESOME.

The universe continues to love me....... Amazing