hellllllloooo washington dc / by Tina Rodas

Guess who is going to the

Manifest Hope

installation in DC (ill give you 2 guesses, but you might only need one)

Mr. Giant Giant Giant Sequoia!

This will be by far the biggest and best event i have done in hi tree's 9 month existence. There are some big names involved with this installation including –

Shepard Fairey

& Spike Lee and a ton of incredible artists, Including my own awesome pals

travis millard


mel kadel


I am currently still in Jacksonville, tomorrow i will be stealing him from the Burrito Gallery to ship him off to his new temporary home. This next week is going to be crazy!

Also, keep an eye on Sucker, i am sitting across from her this very moment and she is stitching away at some super cute new stuff for her

etsy shop

. (sucker aka Christina is my brother's girlfriend and an occasional hi tree helper, when im in over my head)

ok! well stay tuned for more news very soon!!