Hi! / by Tina Rodas

Hi everybody, once again i have managed to drop off the face of the earth. i apologize for being a bad blog mommy.

My reason for the disappearance are as follows,

first, i was busy getting my installation together for manifest hope dc: (pictured above) unfortunately i wasn't able to be there, but i found this photo on


of my trees, i think it worked pretty well, even though i wasn't able to install them myself. yay for the installation team!

second, i have been moving into my NEW STUDIO! yay! hi tree has officially moved out of my living room (thank god) into my very own studio space in the

ave 50 studio

here in highland park. and come to find out my neighbor here in the gallery is

she rides the lion

. We are already talking about starting a north east LA etsy street team.

I dont have any pictures of the studio yet, but i will have some up asap.

Last but not least i have made a hi tree crib bumper, its a bunch of my bitty trees attached to each other to make a tree wonderland for those little tiny nugget babies. I shipped this off to pregnancy and newborn magazine last week along with mr. oak tree. Im still debating on wether or not to put one up for sale, it would be pretty pricey!

All four of bumpers can come apart so that when little nugget has grown out of the crib you could detach all of the trees from one another and have a bunch of little trees to play with.

you will have to use your imagination to picture this on a crib, i didn't have one accessible for photos....