color!!!! by Tina Rodas

After i did the last blog post about giant giant giant giant sequoia this morning (see below) christina and i got started on my next installation that will be shipping off to the burrito gallery in jacksonville along with the big big tree and various other tree things. all of this needs to ship aout in about 2 weeks. its clearly not done yet, but im so excited about it! everything is looking soooo pretty. its pretty obvious what the next step will be.

Day 2 & 3 by Tina Rodas

ALMOST DONE!!! just have to build a frame and attach the back! Every thing went really smooth until it came time to attach the leafy parts to the trunk. Christina and I went up to

baby cakes

to use the industrial sewing machine to do this since it would be pretty much impossible to run it through lil ol' betsy. This turned out to be much harder than expected, but after some blood sweat and tears (ok there was no blood, but there was definitely sweat and almost tears) we got him all stitched up.

So here is some lovely images on my new friend, giant giant giant giant sequoia. he is still flat right now, but he wont be for long!!!

Day 1.... by Tina Rodas

Helllllllo everybody. Today was day one of giant giant giant sequoia's construction. His Trunk is officially in existence. I was so nervous before i started but now i know it is going to be ok. My sewing machine didn't really like it very much, i did break a few needles, but its a small price to pay for the awesomeness that this tree will be when he is done. i think he will be done, minus his frame tomorrow.

I enlisted my lovely friend Christina to come and help me get all of this under control. She flew all the way from my home town, Jacksonville (Florida) here to los angeles for the week to help me. It has been so awesome to have some one to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from. Christina is just getting her Etsy shop underway, its still in its setting up stages but i know what shes capable of and it will be awesome when she has is stocked :) you can visit her shop



So here are some images from todays very serious craft session.

I had a photo of mr. giant sequoia printed out on a large format printer to use as a pattern. I know what your thinking, wow what a great idea! yeah...... i know ;) it wasnt my idea. it was justin's. freakin brilliant.

So, we shall meet again tomorrow big tree, and i will finish you once and for all.........

Let the construction begin. by Tina Rodas

Well my 27th birthday was yesterday, it was pretty fun. Really one of the most uneventful birthdays in the history of tina. I had to work (at my real job) I work at a little tiny boutique called

baby cakes

in La Canada. We (me and my invisible boss Shannon) make custom bedding and other random baby related items. I call her invisible because when i am at Baby Cakes she is at her other little shop in Calabasas, so when im there i pretty much run the joint. Its the ideal job for someone like me. Anyways....

The next 6 weeks of my life are going to be INSANE. I need a full time employee. Is that crazy or what? well, let me rephrase that, what i really need is a personal assistant. (one can dream right?) seriously though. in the next few days i will begin construction on an 8 foot tall giant giant giant giant sequoia for the green market installation. This needs to be completed within 3 weeks. Then after i make it through that whole thing, i then need to somehow complete another installation that needs to ship out by the 25th to be installed at the Burrito Gallery in Jacksonville, Fl. on the 4th of november. Somehow i know it will work out, but at this point i have no idea how. there is plenty going on after that, but i dont want to think about it right now, my brain will implode.

So wish me luck!!!! ill be documenting the construction of mr. giant giant giant giant sequoia here on my blog. Should be interesting. I think a good question would be, what does one do with a 8 foot stuffed giant sequoia after the installation? ha, i guess we will find out!

Anyone want to be my personal assistant? :)